Head of the department of faculty surgery with course of urology doctor of medical scinces, associate professor docent Mammetberdi Chariyev

phone: (+99312) 43-78-12  e-mail: tdlutm@online.tm

Address:  Ashgabat c., Oguz Khan street, S. Niyazov medical and advisory center, department of urology, 2nd floor.

Department of faculty surgery was founded in 1932. Urology course is located in the structure of the this department since 1999.

According to the curriculum the students of all faculties of the medical university are taught at the department. Teachers of the department carry out on clinical bases in great volume medical, diagnostic and advisory activity in their clinical basis. In practice of the health care by the workers of the department are introduced new methods of treatment of surgical disease: endoscopic methods of treatment of prostate adenoma (transurethral resection of prostate adenoma), laparoscopic treatment methods of cholelithic (laparoscopic cholecystectomy) and peritoneal commissures of abdominal cavity, laparoscopic cystectomy at simple cyst of the kidneys.

At the department also at high level there is carried out research activity on following themes: “Laparoscopic treatment of adhesive diseases of abdominal cavity”, “Improvement of methods of diagnostics and treatment of acute calculous pyelonephritis”, “Value of methods of X-ray diagnostics in diagnostics, treatment and forecasting of volume formations of kidneys”, “Features of diagnostics and operative treatment complicated echinococcosis of liver”, “Laparoscopic cholecystectomy at combination of calculous cholecystitis and peritoneal commissures”, “Perfection of methods of prevention and treatment of complications remote with shock-wave lithotripsy”, “Perfection of treatment of nephrolithiasis of one kidney”, “Use of mineral water of sanatorium “Yyly suw” in prophylactic and treatment of pyelonephritis and urolithiasis disease”.

 During the various period of time at the department was defended 13 candidate and 6 doctoral dissertations.


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