Faculty of Postgraduate Training and Physician Training

Myrat Garryyev state medical university of Turkmenistan  the dean of Faculty of Postgraduate Training and Physician Training Batyr Haydarguliyevich Allaguliyev 

phone: (+99312) 92-67-90  e-mail: tdlu@online.tm


The faculty of postgraduate training and advanced training of doctors is a structural subdivision of the State Medical University of Turkmenistan named after Myrat Garryev and was created in accordance with the Decree of the President of Turkmenistan No. 12229 dated April 13, 2012 and the order of the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry of Turkmenistan No. 227 dated April 16, 2012. The faculty is a center for the training of medical personnel for educational programs of higher education in residency, internship and additional advanced training and professional retraining programs. Until 2012, the faculty was called the Department of Postgraduate Training and Advanced Training of Physicians.

More than 30 university departments participate in the system of postgraduate medical education. The faculty was created in order to form a system of continuous improvement of professional knowledge and skills of medical personnel throughout their lives, as well as expanding their professional competencies and constantly improving their professional level.

The main activities of the faculty are:

•Training in clinical residency in approved medical specialties, according to a 2-year educational professional program;

• Organizational and methodological support for training in a one-year internship in approved medical specialties;

• Educational services and events for medical personnel in the context of continuing medical education;

• Professional retraining of medical specialists;

• Certification cycles for medical professionals;

• Advanced training of doctors in individual, most relevant areas of their professional  activities;
• Integrated programs of postgraduate and additional medical education are being introduced based on modular technology and on a competence-based approach and professional standards.

 • In educational programs, the achievements of modern medical science and health care, the principles of evidence-based medicine are being introduced.

• Introduced innovative educational technologies in the process of training medical personnel. Forms and methods of teaching and control over the formation of competencies are being improved;

• Creation of teaching aids, books, guidelines, clinical guidelines, etc. based on evidence-based medicine;
• The faculty has a scientist and methodological councils for postgraduate education and advanced training of doctors;

• The faculty uses full-time education on a budgetary basis in the educational process;

• The faculty participates in the development of regulatory support for the system of postgraduate and additional medical education, as well as in the project to form a system of continuous professional development of medical and pharmaceutical personnel.

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